For qualifying certificate or concentration programs in public procurement.

Academic Accreditation

NIGP now offers Academic Accreditation for qualifying certificate or concentration programs in public procurement.

Does your college or university offer certificate or concentration programs in public procurement?
Does your program qualify for NIGP accreditation?



Academic Accreditation reflects your Program’s alignment with public procurement values and NIGP’s core competencies. This ensures that today’s students can become tomorrow’s procurement professionals.

NIGP Academic Accreditation

NIGP Academic Accreditation recognizes colleges or universities that are preparing the future workforce of public procurement professionals. Certificate and Concentration Programs are recognized for their alignment with the public procurement values and guiding principles of accountability, ethics, impartiality, professionalism, service, and transparency; and NIGP’s core competencies.

NIGP is offering academic accreditation to ensure a pipeline of educated public procurement professionals that are motivated by public procurement values and prepared with the education, skills, and ability to perform competently and strategically to achieve entity goals and objectives. 

To apply for NIGP Academic Accreditation, the college or university must meet the following minimum requirements:

 The college or university offers a certificate or concentration program in public procurement, referred to as “Program.”

 The Program includes a minimum of three courses, or the credit hour equivalent dedicated to public procurement, and at least two other courses or the credit hour equivalent that are relevant and beneficial to the field of public procurement.

 The Program has been in existence for at least three academic years.

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