The Pathways certificates program offers a learning and recognition structure to help you build depth and breadth of learning, visually showing your advancement and professional growth.

You can choose to develop a broad understanding of procurement or to dive deeper for mastery over a specific subject matter. With the different certificate options, you are in control of your career learning path.



Individual competencies form the foundation of the certificates program and offer bite-sized learning in specific subject areas of procurement. You receive a competency badge after completing and passing the assessment of any of the 33 competency modules.


Core Certificates let you enhance your workplace performance with more focused learning across an array of related competencies. You receive a Core Certificate once you complete a select number of pre-bundled competencies and pass the assessment.

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Now Available


Designations let you take your career to new heights while showing mastery of a comprehensive set of competencies aligned to a specific job role or function. They form the third part of the certificates program and are designed to show breadth and depth of learning across a wider set of competencies.

The first Pathways designation being offered is the Designated Public Procurement Associate which you get automatically if you complete these three Core Certificates:

This designation has started my Public Procurement journey on the right foot.

Caitlyn Tracy, Loudoun County Public Schools, VA